The Scott Crisis Reporting Style of Writing

“The Scott Crisis Reporting” style of writing was developed by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., ABD in 2008 and is modeled and patterned after “Web” style of writing through . Tres Mali Scott is a paranormal psychology theorist, internationally awarded, recognized & published poet, is in numerous Who’s Who including Who’s Who in the World, and has a 2nd Place Citizen Journalist Award.

“The Scott Crisis Reporting” style of writing is a cross between journalism and research, a simple research question, with the use of technology reported on the Internet. Journalism is a reporting style of writing and research is the use of multiple sources and statistics.

The Formula for “The Scott Crisis Reporting” style of writing:

  • Eye Catching Title that is specific to the article content.
  • Five or more sources of references, print and/or Internet.
  • Appropriate Personal Experiences relevant to the article content.
  • 1500 words.
  • Visual with the article, relevant to the article content (original pictures, graphs [preferred], clip art or picture art from another source relevant to the article [with link to source], audio relevant and appropriate, but does not take the place of visual).
  • Statistics question that adds to the database of information for international crisis reporting that is relevant to the content of the article.
  • Recommendations/possible solutions and the end of the article and after the statistics are gathered for reporting.
  • References and Sources Reported (Print and Internet).
  • Journalist style Black & White picture of the author (appropriate).

In January of 2011, companies started adapting The Scott Internet Writing Style.

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