What Has Happened In Africa Is Now Worldwide–China to Russia: The Writings of African-Americans®

 Tres Mali Scott a Pulitzer Center CitThe Writings of African-Americans®izen Journalist:
Tres Mali Scott a Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist: The Writings of African-Americans®

This Topic is Endorsed by Angels Do Speak!® Tres Mali Scott a Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist

International Humanitarian Law violations, Human Rights violations, and genocide are not exclusive to Africa. China and Russia have also demonstrated the beginnings of “Abuses”:

  • Removal of Human Rights Activists,
  • Deforestation, and
  • Undefined medical issues in the general populations of these countries.

Inhumane treatment and use  of civilians, non-miltary (the general public) as human shields during wartime are considered International Humanitarian Law violations and those covering up and turning their heads are in violation of Resposibility to Protect (RtoP or R2P).

The Cuban missle crisis’ missles are from their ally Russia, The USSR, or The Soviet Union, which ever name is date appropriate. And as a result of drug sales and “drug lord” fighting, Cuba participates in high levels of terrorist and para-terrorist activities.

To add to that, the diversity in skin color and ethnic appearance in Cuba also hides much of its “international terror”.

 Map of Cuba:What Has Happened In Africa Is Now Worldwide--China to Russia: The Writings of African-Americans®
Map of Cuba:What Has Happened In Africa Is Now Worldwide–China to Russia: The Writings of African-Americans®

The country has people that look Black (like an American Negro), White (like an American Caucasian), and Hispanic (like an American of Spanish descent). This makes it more difficult to identify International Humanitarian Law violations, Human Rights violations, and R2P violations.

Deforestaion Yunnan, China From Angels Do Speak!® on TMSC International® Management & Leadership Update 2012 New Country With the Same Old Problem: China’s Deforestation on Angels Do Speak!®

In conclusion:

On Earth, we use photosynthesis to breathe. If we do not have enough plant life, we will die. The plants can live in the environment without us, but we can not live without the plants. The deforestation in Zimbabwe means reduced plant life, reduced natural resources, and at the National Parks reduced jobs.

                                                                                                   Tres Mali Scott

Great Britain & The Territory of Israel: The Writings of African-Americans®

Flag of the British Lunar Territory on The Writings of African-Americans®
On The Writings of African-Americans®
+Did you know that the real name of the “State of Israel” is “Eretz Israel”.
+Did you know that a British mandate for Palestine or mandate for Palestine was first confirmed by the council of The League of Nations on July 24, 1922 for this “State of Israel”, from British rule.
+Did you know that on November 29, 1947, the United Nations Plan to partition Palestine was recommended for adoption and implementation by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

This makes it sound like “The State of Israel” or Eretz Israel” is a part of the United Kindom or is a British Territory.

Tres Mali Scott on The Writings of African-Americans

Picture 519

We Are Mahogany: Reddish Brown



Mahogany is literally a reddish brown tree. Reddish brown, like the color of our skin and deep roots, like our heritage. Mahogany, Mahogany, Mahogany.

Tres Mali

The Writings of African-Americans®: Everything You Need To Go To Internet Colleges or Universities

Picture 031 The title is endorsed by The International Library of Paranormal Psychology Research & Journal by , M.Ed., M.S., ABD and inspired by SFC Robert Crumpler U.S. Army Fort Bliss, Texas.


In the 21 Century the Internet is used for more than commercial business. The Internet is also used to educate. Not only with interactive curriculum for the elementary and secondary schools, but also for associates, undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. The most important tools to start as an Internet student include:

  • Computer Literate:
  • Email Access, and
  • Library Access
    • (Library Card to check out books and emergency Computer Use!!!!!)
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer with Audio and Video Access.
  • Computer accessories:
    • Printer or Printing Access, Microphone,  earphones, mouse, camera, scanner, and external memory saving devices (for example: SDHC Memory Cards, Flash Disk USB Devices, Zip Drives).
  • Correct Memory device storage capacity.
    • Some devices may not store enough information to hold a doctorate level paper or the charts or graphs that some college and university work requires.
  • Correct Laptop or Desktop Computer cords and connectors
    • (for example: printer cables, Ethernet cords for internet connection, sync cords and cables for other devices to connect to your computer, and/or the adapters for correct connections).
  • School & Office Supplies:
    • Notebooks, pens, pencils, paperclips, erasers, stapler, & other office supplies used for school work.
  • Travel Bag for on campus in class requirements:
    • (Many programs require in class hours for graduation).
  • Appropriate Business Clothes for on campus in class requirements. Picture 093