The Writings of African-Americans®: Similar Water Problems in Different Parts of Africa: Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, & Zimbabwe

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The Water
The Water

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In Kampala, Uganda Eastern Africa, the drinking water has contained human waste and high-levels of dirt. The bacteria cause:

  • Cholera,
  • Dysentery, and
  • Diarrhea.

It is also 12 to 40 times higher for dirt and foreign matter than considered safe levels. Dr. William Muhairwe is the National Water & Sewerage Corporation head and states the water at the reservoir is safe. The people of Kampala, Uganda  routinely boil the water and that may be the reason for no major health reports. The water come from Lake Victoria and is treated at a reservoir, but is carried to home in substandard pipes that are 50 years old.

In Ethiopia, global warming and drought  are effecting animal herding. In Nairobi, Kenya Hippos are in the water treatment plant and terrify the local people.

In Southern Africa, the rainy season caused another outbreak of cholera. The city of Lusaka, Zambia is right next to Zimbabwe, who in late January of this year had its own cholera epidemic that killed bout 2,800 people.

Limited and contaminated water supplies mean:

  1. Widespread illness,
  2. Often fatal illness, and
  3. More likely these illness will occur in young children

1H2O is an outstanding resource for world water issues.