Chemical Ali and the Issues in Israel, Even Dead: Aberration/Apparition


At 8:15am on 1/27/2010 I had an experience of Chemical Ali while writing an article about Zionism and “If Israel is a Country, it is Borders and not Boundaries”.His religion believes in torturing people alive and dead. Chemical Ali stated I did not torture him. His country believes that means “God is Present”.

He also discussed my article about Israel getting borders. I could not see who he is talking to.

I pray that the Islamic Countries are being honest about recognizing and accepting Israel into what Theodore Herzl calls “The Brotherhood of Nations”. One excuse is the lack of Borders to define the country.

Tres Mali

Michael Jackson, Still a Humanitarian: Aberration/Apparition


michael-jackson-this-is-it-movie-poster From:  

At 10:37am on December 08, 2009, while writing about the “This Is It” aberration/apparition I had an experience of , he is still acting as a “Humanitarian” on the other side.

Tres Malimichael_jackson12