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Bioterrorism, biopara-terrorism, bio-warfare, germ-terrorism, germ para-terrorism, germ-warfare, biological warfare, biological terrorism, and biological para-terrorism fall under paranormal psychology (PNP) because it is a part of the Theory of that comes from the field of paranormal psychology (PNP).

According to the American Heritage Dictionary (2009) Bioterrorism is:

The use of biological agents such as pathogenic organisms orj0438737 agricultural pests for terrorist purposes.

Bioterrorism sounds similar to Biological Warfare. includes bioterrorist techniques.

Update 2/15/2010

At 7:38pm on 2/15/2010, MPR Radio News 89.30 Los Angeles, California had a story about The Old Soviet Union and the manufacturing of:

  • Nerve Gas projectiles,
  • Anthrax, and
  • Small Pox

In micro biological laboratories that had a anthrax outbreak in 1979. This outbreak caused 64 people to die.

These “Military Micro Biological Laboratories” doors have still not been opened to the outsiders.

This past year, the Old Soviet Union started disposing of the “Nerve gas” projectiles. How secure are these germs? It is not known, because outsiders are not involved and the Old Soviet Union is no more.

The terms that refer to these “MILITARY ACTIONS”:

  1. Bioterrorism
  2. Biopara-terrorism
  3. Bio-warfare
  4. Germ-warfare
  5. Germ-terrorism
  6. Germ para-terrorism
  7. Biological warfare
  8. Biological terrorism
  9. Biological para-terrorism

Again, these terms refer to “Military Actions”.

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