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Experts 123 The Questions and Answer Encyclopedia has an answer from Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD), “Should the US consider Ethiopia an ally despite its poor human rights record?” This article is also featured on TMSC Consulting SVCS, LLC Management & Leaderships Division’s World Affairs as, “Ethiopia, is the Prime Minister’s Work Progressing.


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The site Right Health We’re Here to Help-International Security Assistance Force has articles by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD) as a Reference “With Mounting Violence, a Surge in Taliban Support and…. “Read this article provided through Where Knowledge Rules.

The Writings of African-Americans®: Warfare & World History: Why Nuclear Materials Now?????

Picture 032 This article is endorsed by The Writings of African-Americans (TWOAA) by , M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD), Second Place Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist Award Winning Writer.

World history has always shown war and conflict. Armies equally equipped and strategy with skill, treaty and negotiations ended the wars and conflicts. Around 2000 to 1200 Before Christ (B.C.) the main stimuli for technological advances was warfare. Now the more technologically advanced had power not seen before. Negotiations, resources, & trade became more important to treaty and the end of wars or conflicts.

This is now the year 2010 A.D. (Ano Domini, Latin for “year of Our Lord”), the way of dating that is used in the United States of America. In China today it is the year 4708, of the Tiger. According to the Ethiopian Calendar it is the year 2002. Whatever year it is, today in the United States of America a world history observation shows that many small or rural countries are being forced to learn and use dangerous technology to survive.

Some countries have been reported by the media as using terrorist and para-terrorist activities that match the age in which , Before Christ (B.C.).  As an I have currently had many that indicate the use of excessive force by individuals who may not have the means to control the type of technology they are using.

Newsweek, , and the New York Times have all reported human rights violations that areCB066633 occurring all over the world. , , , & have . Who do we turn to, when the international watchdogs are no longer acting? Terrorism and have already effected the United States of America. The 9/11 bombing and terrorist have shot US soldiers at recruiting offices. This is no longer just a problem for other countries. It is also a problem in the United States of America.

Most large countries have spent billions of dollars to protect from long range weapons. Today many of these small countries have the resources and funding to purchase small bombs, short range weapons, and nuclear capability. It would be to allow someone of sit with Nuclear burns without treatment. From a religious point of view it might feel like a fake hell, continuous burning. The United States of America has taken the lead in most cases and once had to requested the United Nations have other countries involved in decision making that effects and affects .

In conclusion the international issues of terrorism and para-terrorism must be addressed by more than the United States of America. The United Nations must involve the entire world to solve these problems.

The Scott 20-10-20 Processing Curricula Development Plan for Lesson Planning 2010 & Beyond: The Paranormal Psychology View

Picture 653

From: TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Division, Paranormal Psychology

Curricula development  and the United States of America Educational System falls under paranormal Psychology (PNP) because curricula development, lesson plans, test construction, and extracurricular activities consider students’ physical, physiological, biological, psychological, and social development. With improvements in identification and diagnoses of true psychopathology and what is called the “mainstreaming system”,  paranormal psychology is a discipline to collect effective improvements for our “mainstream population” of students for solutions to the educational issues.

Students that are a part of the mainstream  “student body” may have mild forms of psychopathological disorders that will not be diagnosed or formally treated, and effects achievement and  functioning. Understanding the non-psychopathological issues improve curricula development, test construction, lesson plan development, improve social training, and increase participation of students in extracurricular activities.

Some non-psychopathological presentations of symptoms are a result of the changes in society, increases in technology, and increased access to information.

The Scott 20-10-20 Processing Curricula Development Plan for Lesson Planning 2010 & Beyond is based on the majority of the populations increase in mental processing speed. An example is typing speed verses writing speed. Typing speed is faster than writing speed. When a person is comprehending what is being typed, the more words typed per minute shows an increase in mental processing. Data inputting is not considered because it does not require reading or understanding what is inputted.

Computer  use video games and movies that replace reading a book have contributed to an increase in mental processing speed. School curricula must match the current mental processing of children.

I predict that more children will present as ADD or ADD w/Hyperactivity.00198208 It is not ADD or ADD w/Hyperactivity, it is a generation or two of children with a processing speed and learning processing that is not matched by the current school system curricula.

The solution to the problem is:

  • Shorter, quicker paced lessons.
  • Repeating the information in different ways in this shorter or briefer lesson.

The Standard Process for The Scott 20-10-20 Processing Curricula Development Plan for Lesson Planning 2010 & Beyond style is:

  1. A 20 minute lesson: what the lesson is about, the details of the lesson, and what the lesson was about.
  2. A 10 minute activity that reinforces details of the lesson.
  3. A 20 minute in a different presentation of the original lesson: what the lesson is about, the details of the lesson, and what the lesson was about.

This process of learning is based on a 50 minute learning period or class.

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The People of Color are from Different Parts of the World
The People of Color are from Different Parts of the World

& The Writings of African-Americans have articles, world events, world & international news about the people of color in different parts of the world.

Tres Mali

The Recipe of Life


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Life is like a recipe, we have to have the ingredients to succeed, excel, prosper, affect others, achieve, lead, manage, teach, parent!!!!!

Do you have the ingredients you need to Achieve?????


Tres Mali (11:25am, 6/8/2010)

The Things I Need To Go Away To College!

Graduated and with another problem, what should I take with me to college. Most college and university dorms have rules for large items like TVs, Radios, Microwaves. Some dorms have them now, some dorms don’t allow them, it depends on the school, which dorm you get into, and if there is enough room in the closet to hid it (HA! HA!).

  • Soap
  • Tooth Paste
  • A Pack of Tooth Brushes, it is recommended that tooth brushes are changed every three months
  • at least 10 underwear
  • at least 5 bras/10 T-Shirts
  • at least 4 Bath Towels
  • at least 4 Hand Towels
  • at least 4 wash clothes

Is the school located close to stores to buy hair products and deorant offend, if not:

  • Shampoo (2 Bottles)
  • Conditioner (2 Bottles)
  • Pony tail holders
  • Bobby pins
  • Combs, each type for each style you use
  • Brushes
  • Deordorent

The number looks like a lot, but what if one week you can not wash all of your clothes. You will still make it until you can!!!! Don’t forget your:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Coat or Jacket–Where are you going–you may need a long Wool Winter Coat. I had to buy one when I was at the University, I am from California, I had never been in "one degree" before.

You may want to know why this topic is important to me, I went away to a University in the Country, my sister went to a large University town setting, and my brother went away for a year to a University in the Country. What we took with us was important. A few times I had to make sure my Sister and Brother had everything they needed. My Parents are old, they went away to a University, but it was a long time ago, I don’t think they could remember what they needed.

School Supplies:

  • pens
  • pencils
  • notebooks

The schools have bookstores, but who wants to spend extra college/university money on that. One or two pens, pencils, and notebooks that say the school name and textbooks. The school library has computers, so you may not need a state-of-the-art computer system.

Most of these items are small, and fit in one case, not all of them are for suits now.

There are other things you take to college/university, this is just a reminder, to make a list and check it more than twice, going away to college does not feel like Christmas!

Tres Mali

The Writings of African-Americans®: Para-terrorism & Cyber wars: The Affects That Cripple Power Grids, Financial Systems and Safety

From: TMSC Security SVCS World Alert

This topic is endorsed by , by Second and Third Place Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist Award Winner

Per magazine’s April 26, 2010 edition’s article Weapons of Mass Disruption by Andy Greenberg, has crippled the East Coast’s power grid, the world’s financial systems, and oil refineries in Houston & Philadelphia.

is a major part of the cyber wars. The cyber wars are not just for stealing money,  now it includes major that fight for control of our safety.

Richard Clarke warned of the by of al Qaeda, and was ignored. The Sept. 11, 2001 bombings woke everyone up.

has warned from the grave about personal financial attacks from the . Other countries have a worst threat than the United States. An example is , the electric bill is national. The United States produces electricity and the bills are from household to household.

With the large switch from , Richard Clarke again has a warning about a digital doomsday and the need to be treated like nuclear weapons—multi-tiered responses.

Google has recently admitted being hacked, China is under a microscope for that and as the article from states, cyber war treaties, it is hoped that Google and China make one. The is defined in the .

In conclusion, cyber danger, para-terrorism, and more effort is needed to maintain a safe international environment.

Update 6/17/2011

NSA allies with Internet carriers to thwart cyber attacks against defense firms

The National Security Agency is working with Internet service providers to deploy a new generation of tools to scan e-mail and other digital traffic with the goal of thwarting cyberattacks against defense firms by foreign adversaries, senior defense and industry officials say.

The novel program, which began last month on a voluntary, trial basis, relies on sophisticated NSA data sets to identify malicious programs slipped into the vast stream of Internet data flowing to the nation’s largest defense firms. Such attacks, including one last month against Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin, are nearly constant as rival nations and terrorist groups seek access to U.S. military secrets.

The Writings of African-Americans®: Recent New Child-onset Schizophrenia Diagnosis: The Paranormal Psychology View

Crisis Reporting by Tres M. Scott on The Writings of African Americans
Best Bloggs 2010 by Blogged in Crisis Reporting by Tres M. Scott on The Writings of African Americans
This topic is endorsed by The International Library of Paranormal Psychology Research Journal & Related Fields by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., ABD

j0234543 All new diagnosis fall under paranormal psychology (PNP) because PNP deals with the mild forms of disorders and  diagnosis. The diagnosis for schizophrenia criteria is based on the age 21 because a certain amount of learning, language acquisition, moral development, and social development must occur in order to correctly diagnose schizophrenia. published an article on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 that brought this issue to the publics attention. I first heard of this problem in 2003 at , the first independent school of psychology in the United States of America. A student in class brought to our attention, that in Watts, California, young children presented behavior that was described as “schizophrenic”.

High levels of mercury in vaccines is also associated with this new diagnosis. February 16- March 15, 2005 states on page nine in the Nutritional Updates:

Vaccines- It was recently disclosed that officials at Merck Pharmaceutical Company knew as far back as 1991 about dangerously high mercury levels in their children’s vaccination. A memo released by the company (by court order) stated that one of their own scientists found mercury levels in vaccinated children to be 87 times the safe level determined by the FDA. That is 8,700% higher! Despite this warning, vaccine manufacturers continue to add the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal to even more children’s vaccines… –Read about it on the website

Reasons this diagnosis for Child-onset Schizophrenia is not accurate:

  1. At these ages, there is not enough language acquisition.
  2. At these ages, there is not enough moral development.
  3. At these ages, there is not enough social experience and development.
  4. At these ages, there is not enough emotional development.
  5. At these ages, there is not enough understanding or a concept of God.
  6. At these ages, there is not enough understanding of  Religion and the Law, which gives rules for living and behavior.

The United States of America’s school systems teaches to a certain level that allows the criteria of this diagnosis to be valid and reliable.

“Rule Outs”  for correct diagnosis of what is called Child-onset Schizophrenia:

  1. Emotional Disturbed (ED)
  2. Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADD)
  3. Mood Disorders
  4. Hearing Problems (effects and affects language acquisition, socialization, emotional development, learning in school).
  5. Parenting Styles (how the parent deals with aggressive behaviors and other inappropriate behaviors, how the parents deal with reinforcing positive behaviors).
  6. Parents past drug use (effects the physiology of the child, rule out biological bases and medical issues that affect mental state). New drugs such as Meth, Crank, and others with similar chemical make up, now have offspring whose behaviors have not been studied. For example, over the counter cough syrup has the foundation chemicals for Meth.
  7. Medical problems and other biological bases for psychological problems (not from parents past drug use).
  8. *Toxins & Poisons (Bio, Biological, and Germ-Warfare, Terrorism, Para-terrorism)

*On 3/4/2010 Radio News MPR 89.90 reported a story about Siegel, West Africa where battery recycling caused lead poisoning in infants and children that caused at least 18 deaths and numerous injuries, defects, and developmental abnormalities.

Another Case of A Vaccine associated with a Psychological issue:

The Anti-Vaccine movement looks at many of these cases. I, , M.Ed., M.S., ABD am not Anti-Vaccine. I have personally taken many of the vaccines that are being questioned. I am “Pro-Correct Dose”. This may look like a “Correct Dose Vaccine Movement”.

The Radio News on 89.95MHz at 1:00pm on 2/2/2010 stated that Dr. Andrew Wakefield, British Gastroenterologist suggested an association between childhood Mumps/Measles/Rubella (MMR) immunization, bowel disease and autism:

Interaction between viruses could:

  1. Have a negative impact on a child’s immune system,
  2. Lead to persistent infection gastrointestinal tract, and
  3. Lead, in the long run to possible brain damage and autism.

The article was published in :

Journal of Pediatrics

Journal Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t

Furlano, RI; Anthony, A; Day, R; Brown, A; McGarvey, L; Thomson, MA; Davies, SE; Berelowitz, M; Forbes, A; Wakefield, AJ; Walker-Smith,JA; Murch, SH;

University Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, The Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Study Group, Royal Free and University College School of Medicine, London United Kingdom.

Colonic CD8 and gamma delta T-cell infiltration with epithelial damage in children with autism.

This study was looking at a common problem in children with autism. One finding is the autistic children were less severe than classical inflammatory bowel disease.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is now being accused of being dishonest, acting irresponsibly, and taking money from the people suing the pharmaceutical company.

Websites about science-based  information:

The Writings of African-Americans®: Bioterrorism, Biopara-terrorism, Bio-warfare, Germ-warfare, Germ-terrorism, Germ Para-terrorism, Biological Warfare, Biological Terrorism, & Biological Para-terrorism: The Paranormal Psychological View

Crisis Reporting by Tres M. Scott on The Writings of African Americans
Best Bloggs 2010 by Blogged in Crisis Reporting by Tres M. Scott on The Writings of African Americans
This article is endorsed by TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Division, written by , M.Ed., M.S., ABD 2nd & 3rd Place Citizen Journalist Awards

Bioterrorism, biopara-terrorism, bio-warfare, germ-terrorism, germ para-terrorism, germ-warfare, biological warfare, biological terrorism, and biological para-terrorism fall under paranormal psychology (PNP) because it is a part of the Theory of that comes from the field of paranormal psychology (PNP).

According to the American Heritage Dictionary (2009) Bioterrorism is:

The use of biological agents such as pathogenic organisms orj0438737 agricultural pests for terrorist purposes.

Bioterrorism sounds similar to Biological Warfare. includes bioterrorist techniques.

Update 2/15/2010

At 7:38pm on 2/15/2010, MPR Radio News 89.30 Los Angeles, California had a story about The Old Soviet Union and the manufacturing of:

  • Nerve Gas projectiles,
  • Anthrax, and
  • Small Pox

In micro biological laboratories that had a anthrax outbreak in 1979. This outbreak caused 64 people to die.

These “Military Micro Biological Laboratories” doors have still not been opened to the outsiders.

This past year, the Old Soviet Union started disposing of the “Nerve gas” projectiles. How secure are these germs? It is not known, because outsiders are not involved and the Old Soviet Union is no more.

The terms that refer to these “MILITARY ACTIONS”:

  1. Bioterrorism
  2. Biopara-terrorism
  3. Bio-warfare
  4. Germ-warfare
  5. Germ-terrorism
  6. Germ para-terrorism
  7. Biological warfare
  8. Biological terrorism
  9. Biological para-terrorism

Again, these terms refer to “Military Actions”.