The Writings of African-Americans®: Global Warming and Disease: When Will America Care?

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Global warming is a part of climate change, about five years ago the Los Angeles Times showed some of the Middle East’s sand frozen. This has a major effect for health concerns. Recent reports from Africa, j0434097 which is adjacent to the Middle East has shown out-breaks of diseases that are highly contagious. Due to cultural differences, The Middle East is less likely to report to International agencies health concerns. These Specific diseases are a result contaminated water,  bacteria and fungus infections. The frozen Middle East sand causes an eco-system imbalance that triggers disease, illness, & death.

Global warming & climate changes, pollution, as well as the domestication of animals, are major contributors of “disease triggering”.

.com July 2009- Former Vice President Al Gore has a “climate crusade” to alert the American public about how serious our climate problems can become. Frank Newport, Gallup Poll Editor told U.S. News & World Report, “ It’s just not caught on.” The research from Gallup shows 41% of Americans believe the global warming fears have been exaggerated & only 1% to 2% cite environment as a big worry.

It is more important than ever to protect your eyes, face, neck, & ears wb051384 from harmful ultraviolet rays, some of which come from the deterioration of the ozone that also increases global warming. The U.S. military’s Operation Iraqi Freedom’s combat troops & embedded journalists wore special protective camouflage because of ultraviolet rays.

1H20 highlights the water problems in the Great Lakes area. They are not only global warming caused, but also climate changes and pollution, the changes in water levels also effects the shipping industry, commerce, and the job market in the area. The global warming problems can directly effect health, sun rays can be dangerous, prior to global warming issues we had skin cancer.

Television Media has allowed the Internet to report much of the news of today. Television news is rooted in personal relationships that are transmitted by the traditionally family oriented TV.

The need for environmental concerns to raise from 1% to 2% also reaches parenting and family issues. The parks, beaches, and other out door activities are environmental.

Accurately communicating the data for Gore’s “climate crusade” should improve the response to environmental issues. In order for the public to be aware of the problem, someone has to report it.