The Famous Psychic Tres Mali & Nelson Mandela Past President of South Africa & Noble Peace Prize Winner: Vision: The Writings of African-Americans®

Crisis Reporting by Tres M. Scott on The Writings of African Americans
Internationally Awarded Writer & Poet, on Experts 123, NATO-led International Security Assistance Force Page, & Theorist.
1993 Noble Peace Prize & Past South African President Nelson Mandela on The Writings of African-Americans®
The famous psychic Tres Mali, most known for her reporting of Nuclear activity and human rights violations, has reported a psychic experience about a history making President, Nelson Mandela from South Africa. Mandela was in prision in South Africa for 30 years for some type of political reasons. After his release, he ran for President and won. Mandela has also won a 1993 Noble Peace Prize. At 1:23 p.m. on 6/7/2012, the famous psychic Tres Mali reported a vision of Nelson Mandela.