Pulitzer Center through Helium.com: A Black-American Experience– Pulitzer Center Through Helium.com: What Are The Best Ways to Engage Young People In Family Planning?

Crisis Reporting by Tres M. Scott on The Writings of African Americans
Crisis Reporting by Tres M. Scott on The Writings of African Americans
by Tres Mali Scott
Created on: June 21, 2011

All around the world young people are at risk of sexual experimentation. Each country has a different policy on Family Planning. Sexual experimentation can lead to unwanted pregnancies, not all countries had abortion or adoption. Some places these children could be sold into forms of slavery and human trafficking as the Catholic Church has reported.

Some Catholic organizations have also held fundraisers and walks to assist those that escape these situations.

Education about how the human body reproduces, what can happen as a result of sexual experimentation, i.e., sexually transmitted diseases, skin diseases from excessive contact with contaminated skin, unwanted pregnancies, or even slander can be used as a way of positively involving young people in family planning.

The youth now are more mature, have more knowledge due to the Internet and other media access, and want people to explain issues and concepts that most do not want to talk about.

An example is when “sex education” entered the school system. Parents did not want to discuss this so local governments put it in the school’s curriculum. These youth will one day become adults. With education and support, “responsible adults” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Tmscott2#Conclusion [2007]).

International Programs and Polices for Family Planning:

♦China – One-Child Policy

♦Germany – German Foundation for World Population (DSW)

♦Hong Kong – Two-Child Policy

♦Hong Kong – Family Planning Association of Hong Kong

♦India – Family Planning Association of India

♦Pakistan – 1994 International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo Pledge for universal access

♦United States – Title X of the Public Health Service Act

♦United States – Planned Parenthood (USA)

♦United States – National Alliance for Optional Parenthood (USA)

♦United Kingdom – British Pregnancy Advisory Service

♦United Kingdom – Family Planning Association (UK)

In conclusion, there are offices all around the world and in the United States the public school system teaches about human reproduction, which is seen as an introduction to family planning for young people. Understanding how the human body works, what can happen, and how to get treatment has been seen as a way to involve young people in family planning and reduce the negative effects of sexual experimentation.