The Writings of African-Americans®: High Levels of Mercury Spilling into the Pacific Ocean

The Water
From: TMSC Security World Alert

Los Angeles Times- Wednesday, January 5, 2011 the Los Angeles Times has a story about high levels of mercury that causes concern. National University of Colombia scientists Guillermo Duque and his wife Pilar Coynua found as much as three times the recommended level of mercury in fish in Buenaventura Bay where the Dagua River empties into the Pacific Ocean.

Past studies of vaccines  in the United States of America have shown high levels of mercury  are associated with mental health issues.

How will this effect the water supply?

  1. What effects does this have on the fish supply (food)?
  2. How will this effect the water supply?
  3. Are there any studies about the association of high levels of mercury in water and mental health issues?