The Writings of African-Americans®: An Israeli Scholar on The Renewal of Zionism: Professor Micah Goodman

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Vol. 24 No. 48 January 22-24, 2010 issue has an article about Professor Micah Goodman. This professor was hosted by the Israeli Consulate to discuss the idea of Zionism.

Professor Goodman states there are two original strands of Zionism:

  1. Zionism of Peace-a view that Israel is a safe haven for Jews. Theodore Herzl-The joining of “The Brotherhood of Nations”.
  2. Zionism of Land-Rav Kook, the return to the mystical land of our forefathers. Not fighting negative, but celebrating positive.

The problem is that “The Brotherhood of Nations” as Theodore Herzl calls it has At this point in time in “History”, Israel looks like an example of violence. Zionism is under attack because of the lack of Borders and the examples of violence and persecution by what the world calls “The People of God”.

We can be “People of God”, even “Children of God”, but we must also consult God in our decision making. Talking to God is what makes our relationship to and with “Him”.

, like the other members of what Theodore Herzl calls, “The Brotherhood of Nations”.

Chemical Ali and the Issues in Israel, Even Dead: Aberration/Apparition


At 8:15am on 1/27/2010 I had an experience of Chemical Ali while writing an article about Zionism and “If Israel is a Country, it is Borders and not Boundaries”.His religion believes in torturing people alive and dead. Chemical Ali stated I did not torture him. His country believes that means “God is Present”.

He also discussed my article about Israel getting borders. I could not see who he is talking to.

I pray that the Islamic Countries are being honest about recognizing and accepting Israel into what Theodore Herzl calls “The Brotherhood of Nations”. One excuse is the lack of Borders to define the country.

Tres Mali