Michael Jackson, Still a Humanitarian: Aberration/Apparition


michael-jackson-this-is-it-movie-poster From:  

At 10:37am on December 08, 2009, while writing about the “This Is It” aberration/apparition I had an experience of , he is still acting as a “Humanitarian” on the other side.

Tres Malimichael_jackson12

Pope Benedict XVI & His Eyes Casted Upward: Aberration/Apparition

From: Angels Do Speak!

popebenedictxvi's praying hands

At 9:24am on 1/21/2010, I had a vision of Pope Benedict XVI in a prayer position with “His Eyes” casted upward.

Tres Mali

Michael Jackson & His Experience with The Taliban: Aberration/Apparition

From Angels Do Speak!

At 6:53pn on 1/9/2010 I had an experience of , he statedimage685841g[1] (2) that the Taliban was attacking his family and at 6:55pm he started praying.

Tres Mali

Prayer for the Earthquake Victims in Haiti 2010

j0430853 “Cry out with joy to the Lord, all the Earth” (From Magnificat Sept. 2008 pg. 298 to subscribe call 1-866-273-5215 or www.magnificat.com).

“May the Almighty God calm the Earth”, per an Angel Being.

The United States of America is now Air-dropping Aid to Haiti for the victims of the 2010 Earthquake.

May the Almighty God Bless and Keep all the Victims and Survivors of the Earthquake in Haiti 2010, with Supernatural Blessings and Supernatural Healing in the name and by the power of Jesus Christ, Lord, Savoir, Redeemer, & Healer.

Tres Mali