The Writings of African-Americans®: After 18 Years of Peace: Somalia –Under Terrorist Attack

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, now Somalia’s Parliament requests international assistance against terrorist. The Somalia Government has declared a state of emergency. The surrounding countries are awaiting the international communities response and framework to provide assistance.

The Shabab-one of the Islamist Militias and most fearsome threatened to bomb the buildings of Nairobi if Kenya intervenes. The purpose of these terrorist attacks, per the New York Times on Sunday June 21, 2009 is to “destabilize the region”.

This breakaway nation in the southeastern part of Ethiopia is known as nomadic and pastoral people. Now they are not only awaiting diplomatic recognition but also assistance from the international community. The 13 million people in Somalia are predominately Islamic and has been since the 1400s.

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Terrorist and spend a lot of time and money, sometimes more than a countries national defense funding. Many are funded by illegal activities and use technology that is more advanced than most are use to seeing a an average bases. Terrorist use religion to recruit the youth, and Somalia is predominately Islamic. Para-terrorism is used when normal means of getting agreement for assistance is refused.

It is unfortunate that many terrorist and para-terrorist groups have more international influence than some countries. For example, the Taliban is the past governmental body of Afghanistan, it controlled Afghanistan from 1996-2001.

With no international recognition for peace, can Somalia get international assistance?

4 thoughts on “The Writings of African-Americans®: After 18 Years of Peace: Somalia –Under Terrorist Attack

  1. After “18 years of peace”??? When were those, between 1920 and 1938??? OR do you just not count what has been happening since 1993 because no Americans were involved???

  2. What in the world are you talking about? Do you mean to say “Somaliland” when you speak of 18 years of peace. Please correct the text. Somaliland is the Northwest portion of what used to be the Republic of Somalia, and has had many years of relative peace. Puntland is the Northeast portion of the former Somalia, also relatively peaceful. When you say Somalia, you must be clear about what you are referring to. There has not been one minute of peace since 1988 in “Somalia” if you are referring to the area recognized by the UN and international community, based in Mogadishu, located in the South and Central regions of “Somalia.” The peaceful areas have been in the north. Somaliland is not recognized by the UN as its own country, but should be. Puntland is straddling the fence, wants to be part of “Somaliia” when it is convenient, wants to be an independent autonomous state (federal) when that is convenient. Please be careful in your terminology. Every Somali and Somali expert knows these terms are sensitive.

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