How Central America Effects Terrorism

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Central America, from east to west is between the North Pacific Ocean and The Caribbean Sea. Central American countries include:

  1. Southern Mexico
  2. Guatemala
  3. Salvador
  4. Panama
  5. The Dominican Rep.
  6. Cuba
  7. Jamaica
  8. Haiti
  9. The Bahamas
  10. Honduras

From north to south Central America is between Northern Mexico (North America) and Colombia (South America).

Central America has many issues including drug trade, civil wars & unrest, and socialist governments. Many parts of Central America are impoverished.

Why is it important to look at terrorism and Central America. We as a country are now at war, and terrorism is used for political gain. Terrorism is used to manipulate, cause fear,  and intimidate using organized violence for political gain.

Para-terrorism also uses religious practices and beliefs. Most terrorist groups use a religion as a part of the name. Many of these religious practices and beliefs include:

  • Suicide bombings
  • witchcraft
  • Satanism
  • magic
  • sorcery

The theory of Para-terrorism is from paranormal psychology. The term “Para-terrorism” was first coined byTres M. Scott, M.Ed., M.S. in 2008 A.D.

 It includes the use of people, computers, electronics, satellites and signals, various instruments of detection, and forms of quantum physics. Para-terrorism also includes cyberattacks as a techniques:

Terrorist groups are well funded and perpetrate against poor or oppressed populations that, even if they disagree, do not have the means to over them. Especially with the use of para-terrorism, technology.

Central America’s governments do not empower citizens and is a danger for terrorism. Terrorist have money and influence, are extremely aggressive and use local areas to gain support.

In conclusion,  looking back at the “Cold War” a major lesson is location and ability to bomb. Central America is close to the USA and with the rise in terrorism, is a major National Security Threat. Some terrorist groups now use mobile rockets. Has anyone investigated how far these mobile rockets can travel or what type of technology they are using?